If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, weeeell you are a Virgo!

In this blog, I will only give simple characteristics of a typical Virgo based on what I've read and experienced as a Virgo. Enjoy! <3

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Anonymous asked: How's a match between virgo girl and cancer male?
Anonymous asked: I'm a virgo and I really cant decide sometimes.. For example, there are some days where I want a certain thing, but then when I get it I just feel like I don't want it anymore.. Are we virgos bipolar signs?

Bipolarity is a mental disease, it has nothing to do with it.

I often experience this, sometimes I really think about having something so badly and when I finally end up having it I kinda feel the same, not that I don’t want it anymore, but I’m like “oh now I have it, i’ll just leave it on the shelf and use it later ” like y’know the excitement is over x) I just get bored by the sight of it since I thought about having it many times already…

But I’m sure the other signs experience it as well

Well, I hope you’ll understand what I meant haha


Zodiac Question: Which signs tend to have the hardest time opening up to others?
Anonymous asked: Why do some people consider virgo to be the most boring sign? Beyonce is a virgo and so was Michael Jackson. And they honestly rule the music industry mane


I have no idea those people are stereotyping virgos, I think virgos are great to be honest. There is more interesting things about them then being a perfectionist. My BFF is a Virgo and she so funny and fun to be around with. -Sassy Scorpio

Zodiac Signs as Fast Food Restaurants


Aries: McDonald’s
Taurus: Wendy’s
Gemini: Taco Bell
Cancer: KFC
Leo: In-N-Out
Virgo: Subway
Libra: Carl’s Jr. Or Hardee’s
Scorpio: White Castle
Sagittarius: Panda Express
Capricorn: Chipotle
Aquarius: Jack in the Box
Pisces: Del Taco

Anonymous asked: I'm born sept 21st ( Virgo +Libra) and moon in cancer. Can you tell me more about my ways?!


You’re a cusp, so I suggest you read this post - http://quickvirgofacts.tumblr.com/post/92086118506/virgo-cusps

So about Cancer Moon - Cancer is in its natural domicile (home) since the Moon rules Cancer. You are sensitive and really care about the people you love. Your best qualities include being patient, loyal and protective. You also have an artistic streak and a very good memory.  You are uncomfortable with unfamiliarity and can become insecure because of that. You tend to think a whole lot about your past which can keep you from moving on in life. You don’t trust easily…what you really fear the most is being hurt so that’s why it’s kinda hard to get to know you. You can be extremely moody, clingy and whiny as well which can bother your acquaintances. You are a courageous person but constantly need encouragement because you are often disappointed in life, you basically wish for a more harmonious and better world.

You might feel that you’re cut in half because Virgo and Libra are both mental sign and Cancer is an emotional sign.


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